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Old houses are not set in a particular century. They bear the mark of different eras. Wallpaintings from the 1850's, tiles from the 1890's, 1920's wallpapers, a 1950 fireplace or a 70's shack that has being revisited in the picassiette fashion in the XXIst c. : such are some of the features on offer at La Tartugo (built in the 1850's, it remained in the same family from 1893 to 2022) ; formerly and sequentially a local shop, a place where they made corks, a filling station and the headquarters of a vineyard - Coteaux des Petits Brons.
           The shameless old lady opens its doors for you and reveals its secrets.
        N.B.  It might be made of stone and mortar (gone as soft as rice powder over the years), but, as all old ladies, it might just be possible too that its virtual image somewhat pads out its physical being. 
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